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HOTEL AO 150+152

Location: Colonia Roma Norte, Mexico City.

Area: 2,817 m2

Year: In process

AO152 is a project of restoration, conservation and intervention of an art deco house considered to be an affection to the urban cultural heritage of artistic value by the National Institute of Fine Arts within the estates of the Heritage Conservation Area. Located in one of the most important and representative avenues of the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City.

We have a great sense of responsibility for this project that is divided into two parts, on the one hand the mission of creating high-quality housing within the heart of Mexico City and on the other hand the mission of preserving the artistic heritage by turning it into a space work and recreation that can be opened to the public through the rescue of the current courtyard of the house.

The project moves from the current 2 levels of the house in a 5-level building which are gradually tucked in to respect the property as its context. This allows us to generate balconies and terraces for the apartments, and to give life to the Alvaro Obregón façade.

Specifically the 3rd level, that is, the first level above the house will be a transition level between the new and the existing building, in which the entire theme of amenities will be located, with a mirror finish which sets it apart from the rest of the volume and in which the roof of the house will be used as a semi-private open space.

In the new building we are inspired by the set of openings and gaps that the existing property currently has, taking the proportions of its architectural elements such as doors and windows, but in a more contemporary version.

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