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Location: Fracc. Lomas de Tecamachalco, Edo. de México, México.

Client: MOCAA

Área: 1,600 sqm.

Year: Under Construction

Casa Jardin Bosques is a luxury residential project that has a privileged location within the limits of the State of Mexico with Mexico City and an unbeatable natural environment with wooded views.

The property has a very rugged topography, which is why it was decided to integrate the architecture to these natural forms as much as possible with the aim of respecting the environment and taking advantage of the extraordinary panoramic views. The architectural concept is based on generating a single linear element that is tucked into the topography, where each tuck responds to the exterior spaces of the three departments of the complex.


This resulting 6-level piece, as it adapts to the terrain, becomes a structure and open spaces. A solution that creates an elegant and subtle shape with a clear horizontality between the native vegetation of the context.

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