Location: Colonia Escandón, CDMX.

Area: 2,160 m2

Date: In process

Agricultura 49 is a development located in Colonia Escandón, Mexico City. This area has first-rate services, entertainment venues, restaurants, gardens and a wide range of public transport and connections to the most important routes in the country's capital.


The concept starts from a central public space which makes the development live towards the interior of the property, thus solving the lack of views of the street related to the shape of the property and its 16 meters of front. This also forced me to think of another way of giving interesting views towards the interior of the different homes.


This housing complex, located in one of the best areas of the city, consists of four apartments of 80 m2 and 10 townhouses of approximately 110 m2 on average and two levels with a private roof garden .

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