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Location: Torre Manacar, CDMX.

Area: 3,227 m2

Year: 2019

Colaboration:  Workplus

Awards:  1er Lugar, 9no Premio Nacional de Arquitectura e Interiorismo, AAI México, 2020.

                  Platinum, MUSE Design Awards, Diseño de Interiores, 2020.


For the design of the new headquarters of the headquarters of the startup CLIP in Mexico City; We reached several fundamental objectives: fostering an open and totally transparent corporate culture to maintain its startup roots through the use of glass in spaces for private use and free plants in work and recreation areas.


Maximum flexibility was sought in the spaces in order to accommodate the growth of the company in the future by organizing the different work areas through a clear and intuitive arrangement in the workplace.


And to complement the company's brand, it was sought through the architectural details to carefully consider the color palette that would make up CLIP's DNA.


CLIP's office comfort is primarily manifested in lots of wood, upholstered furniture, colorful accents. Two key principles: first, typically mix office equipment with more “home” items. Second, the focus was mainly on the use of national materials to keep the project sustainable and thus support local companies. We also focused on acoustic comfort, therefore many sound-absorbing elements such as rugs, rugs, absorbent ceiling panels, upholstered seats, cushions, and pressed felt lamps were used.

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