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Location: Colonia Juárez, CDMX.

Area: 3,500 m2

Year: 2013

Awards: Gold Medal, First Biennial of Architecture of Mexico City, 2013.

Silver Medal, XIII National Architecture Biennial in the Housing category, 2014.

Honorable Mention, First Biennial of Young Mexican Architects, 2015.

Liverpool 1 , is a residential development located on an 844 m2 property, on a corner within the Juárez neighborhood. In this area of the city, located very close to the historic center of Mexico City, Porfirian architecture is still present in some of its magnificent and elegant large houses. The Juárez neighborhood was abandoned on the first occasion by the Porfirian class in the Revolution and on the second, as a consequence of the 1985 earthquake.


The program has 24 units in five residential levels divided into three typologies. The architectural language is oriented towards an honest handling of its materials, it exposes its structure and a sober texture of the concrete and in its walls a monochromatic color of the pieces of white concrete block.


The facades show the presence of a new event in the surroundings, manifesting strict linearity in two of its facades through large glass openings that contrast with the solidity of the opaque and whitish materiality of its surfaces.


The ground floor is raised half a level above the sidewalk to give privacy and exclusivity to the building. The access to the building, through a large glass door framed in aluminum mirror, hallway to a double height ramp with a recycled wooden truss lattice wall. The white block brackets and slender columns, which are born from the solid white concrete base, give the sensation of floating.


The Roof Garden with its fine green areas, offers users a meeting and coexistence place. This area displays a varied proposal of plant species in plain sight. A new concept of open space, allows to offer spaces for rest, recreation and fellowship, which offer a break from the hectic pace of living in a big city.

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