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Location: Polanco, CDMX.

Area: 4,600 m2

Year: 2017

MUSSET 326, On a square plot of approximately 1,100 m2, an apartment building is projected consisting of a basement, a semi-basement with English-style courtyards, four levels and a roof garden . The program has four garden-houses , three pent-houses and nine standard departments. All this in five different typologies.

The building was conceptualized in an orthogonal volumetry to get more out of the land. Each department has lighting, natural ventilation and terraces. To achieve this objective, a 7 x 7 meter square central patio is proposed; and to protect the privacy of the residents, flooring slabs made of marble are proposed, with the aim of generating a play of light and shadow. On the main façade, the terraces are the essential element that allows a game between solids and voids to give the building even more personality.

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