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Location: Colonia San Rafael, CDMX.

Area: 2,800m2

Year: 2018

Awards: 3rd Place, Obra Cemex Awards, 2018.

2nd Place, 8th National Prize for Architecture and Interior Design, AAI México, 2019.

Winner, The International Architecture Award, The Chicago Athenaeum and The European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies, 2019.

Winner , Residential Building, A | N Best of Design Awards, 2019 .

Winner, Residential Building, Archmarathon Awards Miami, 2019.

Winner, Resdiential Multi Unit, Architecture Masterpize, 2020.

139 SCHULTZ , offers the opportunity to live in an ideal place. It is located in one of the first neighborhoods in the center of Mexico City. The San Rafael neighborhood is one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in the city, which is represented in its architecture, art, galleries, museums, theaters, cultural centers and parks.


The project is conceived as a six-level volume that on the ground floor has parking and commercial premises. Starting on level one, 21 houses are distributed in an “L” shaped volume wrapped with three patios, inspired by the colonial house with the patio in the center.


The floor of each apartment is divided into two areas, social and private, the room to the east and the rest room to the west. Each with a bathroom, closet and kitchen inserted in a wooden box. In spatial terms, the balconies form an extension of the room, being read as the space formed by a double façade.


The building exhibits its apparent reddish-brown concrete structure mixed on site. The perimeter walls are paneled with glass panels in the same shade, contrasting with the solid structure. Using the same color for the cladding as for the glass results in a monolithic piece appearance.

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