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Location: Colonia Centro, CDMX.

Area: 2,321 m2

Year: 2016

Awards: Honorable Mention, Second Biennial of Young Mexican Architects, 2017.

Finalist, Archmarathon Awards Miami, 2018.

Nominated, RIBA International Awards, 2018.

Honorable Mention ,, WAF, World Architecture Festival, 2018

Honorable Mention, A | N Best of Design Awards, 2018

Tolsa 61 is a reinterpretation of the neighborhood and urban life of the city center. The building is located in Colonia Centro, near the Ciudadela which is to the southeast of the historic center of Mexico City. The neighborhood maintains much of the traditional architecture and preserves traditional customs such as danzón dancing and live music on Sundays.


The proposal takes the context as a reference to generate the necessary mechanisms to connect with the physical context of the colony. As a result, six concrete structure levels were generated with a set of green and white Tetris on the facade.


The building is for families with low to medium income, and contains 25 apartments of 45 to 60 m2 ranging from one to two bedrooms. Despite its small areas and simple interiors, each studio has a balcony or terrace, in some the main view is towards the street and the interiors, the view is towards the central patio. The idea is to preserve the idea of community housing.


The trees located on the balconies help to take care of the south façade and filter the air, in order to also help electricity consumption and reduce the use of artificial light.

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