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Location: Colonia Condesa, Mexico City.

Client: Reurbano

Area: 5,000 sqm.

Year: In Process

Collaboration: Pesquera Arquitectos Asociados Ltd.


La Torre Zamora is a residential complex located in the Condesa neighborhood, whose architectural wealth deserves mention. Some of its buildings created in the early 20th century show a neoclassical and eclectic style. In addition, it is located very close to the Chapultepec Forest.


In its modern style, Art Deco buildings predominate, for example the Chapultepec 596 building located in front of the Chapultepec Forest, near the Chapultepec subway exit. It also has apartment buildings that were built in the functionalist style.


The project, located one block from the Interior Circuit and two blocks from Av. Sonora, extends over six properties: Zamora 15 with an area of 226 m2; Zamora 17 with an area of 226 m2; Zamora 19 with an area of 119 m2; Agustin Melgar 39 with an area of 119 m2; Agustin Melgar 41 with an area of 120 m2; and Agustin Melgar 43 with an area of 279 m2. The total of the properties as a whole is 1,091 m2.


The three buildings located in Agustín Melgar and the one located in Zamora 19 have houses whose facades are listed by the INBA due to their artistic composition. This is very valuable to us and our main objective is to respect and highlight these characteristics.


Our proposal is based on the total of 2,618.40 m2 of construction allowed, but modifying the free area and height. The project proposes a central building with a rejection of 163 m2, respecting the first bay of the existing properties. This allows us to generate a free area of 545 m2 that represents 50% of the total area.

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